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Subscriptions & Prices

We offer various pole dance lessons for beginners to advanced. These lessons are divided into two categories: Basic lessons & Premium lessons. TheBasic lessonsare focused on one specific goal. For example, learning and practicing the basic techniques or improving your flexibility, strength, condition or dance techniques. In general, these lessons last one hour. ThePremium lessonsare specially developed for pole dancers & pole dancers with more experience. These one and a half hour lessons give you the opportunity to work on more goals at the same time during one lesson.


Not quite sure if pole dancing is the right sport for you? Then come and try a lesson at The Poleground. We would like to introduce you to the great pole sport. 





€ 10.99 per person


With this subscription you can participate in one basic lesson of your choice every week.


The lessons ''Pole Dance Basics'' and the lessons of the ''Beginners course'' fall under basic lessons, making this subscription the best choice for a novice pole dancer or pole dancer.



€29.99 per month*

* You pay a one-time €8.50 registration fee


With this subscription you can participate in one premium lesson and one basic lesson of your choice every week. 


In addition to these two classes, you will have the opportunity to register for the reserve list of the other classes. The persons on the reserve list will be given the opportunity to participate in a lesson if places remain.

€ 49.95 per month*

* You pay a one-time €8.50 registration fee


Onbeperkt Paalsport

Met dit abonnement kun je iedere week deelnemen aan één premium les naar keuze. Daarnaast heb je onbeperkt toegang tot de basislessen.


Dit abonnement is alleen geschikt voor de ervaren paaldansers die minimaal 2 keer per week naar een les komen.



€ 55,99 p/4w

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Single lesson

If you already train at another pole dance or pole fitness studio, it is also possible to book a separate lesson. 

A basic lesson of one hour

For €10.99 

A premium lesson of one and a half hours

For € 14.99 

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