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Our classes & workshops

Pole Conditioning

We sometimes call it pole conditioning: Active classes that consist of a combination of fitness, balance and flexibility exercises. In addition, you learn something new every lesson . This makes it a class that makes you conditionally stronger, but also gives a good dose of self-confidence and new experiences.

Pole dancing

Once you've learned the basics, you can start exploring the pole dance world. You will discover many different styles. And which pole dance style suits you? Try to take classes in different styles and from teachers. And develop your own style and find the form of pole dancing that you like the most.

Stretching & Mobility

Have you always wanted to be able to do the splits or splits? ? Or do you want more flexibility in your back for even better postures? Flexibility and mobility are essential for pole dancing at intermediate and advanced level. Our stretching classes help you move as gracefully and gracefully as possible in the pole. 

Dance & Floorwork

We have a varied range of pole dance related dance lessons and workshops for all ages, levels and ambitions. 

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The most complete pole dance school
in Groningen 

The Poleground is based on our passion for the sport and our ambition to develop it further. The sport is so versatile that we cannot always incorporate everything into our timetable. Are you missing something on our schedule? Let us know. Would you like more lessons for shapes, spinning, flips, power moves, etc? We would also like to hear from you. We can only improve our studio with your feedback.

Are you looking for an activity for a bachelor party, (children's) birthday or company outing? Or just fancy a fun outing with friends? Book a pole dancing workshop. During these workshops you can go crazy and enjoy yourself on the pole. This is guaranteed to be a great day!

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