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Pole dance class in Groningen

Pole dancing is also sometimes called pole fitness. And that is not for nothing. Pole dancing is a combination of strength training and cardio and a complete workout for the body. ​And the best thing about pole sport is that there is an infinite amount to learn. Pole dancing offers you the opportunity to continuously challenge yourself and push your limits. There are countless power moves, shapes and spins that challenge you to become even stronger. This makes pole fitness the best form of fitness there is.

Pole Conditioning classes are a must for anyone interested in pole dancing. View our lesson offer below. Whether you want to lose weight, become stronger, fitter, more flexible or more confident. We are guaranteed to have a lesson that suits you.

We currently offer the following pole dance classes:

Beginners course: Strength & Basics

Are you afraid that you are not strong enough to pole dance? Then you should try the beginners course. During this beginners course you will learn the basic techniques of pole dancing with extra emphasis on developing strength. Each class consists of a combination of pole fitness, balance and flexibility exercises that help you build strength quickly.


In addition, the lessons are designed in such a way that you learn a new pole dance skill every lesson. This makes it a lesson that makes you conditionally stronger, but also gives a good dose of self-confidence and new experiences. During your first training you will immediately notice that you can do more than you think!

Each class starts with a pole dance specific warm-up. Already during the warm up, the focus is on building strength, endurance and flexibility. The exercises in the warm up help you to learn the most important techniques of pole dancing. Through easy exercises you learn to tighten your abs and how to hold the bar correctly.


The pole dance specific warm up is followed by a number of spins in the pole. You start with a number of easy spins at the first lesson. Each lesson you learn a new spin so that you further expand your pole dancing skills every lesson.

After the spins, a series of fitness exercises in the pole follow. This makes a class a complete fitness training where you train all your muscles. This combination will help you build up strength faster to hang upside down on the pole in later classes.

Would you like to improve your strength, condition, endurance and self-confidence in a short time? And have you become curious about this original and complete fitness training? Please contact us for a trial training via the button below.

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Pole Fit

After your first pole dance lesson you immediately know how much power pole dancing requires. And you will notice that as the tricks become more difficult, they often also take more and more power. It is therefore important that you continue to work on both your technique and strength.


The Pole Fit classes are pole dance classes for beginners with an emphasis on pole conditioning. They are active classes that consist of a combination of fitness, balance and flexibility exercises. In addition, the lesson is designed in such a way that you learn something new every lesson. This makes it a lesson that makes you conditionally stronger, but also gives a good dose of self-confidence and new experiences. Correct execution and technique are central here.  This ensures that you progress faster and have less chance of injuries.

During the Pole Fit classes we assume that you have mastered the basic techniques of pole dancing. In this sporty pole dance class we will work on strengthening the muscles needed to learn new challenging pole dance moves. As you get strong we will also try new pole dance moves every week. In addition, we will work with new spins and you will learn combinations of different moves. And best of all: you learn your first power moves!

Available soon

The Poleground is based on our passion for the sport and our ambition to develop it further. The sport is so versatile that we cannot always incorporate everything into our timetable. Are you missing something on our schedule? Let us know. Would you like more lessons for shapes, spinning, flips, power moves, etc? We would also like to hear from you. We can only improve our studio with your feedback.

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