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Trial lesson pole dancing

Trial lesson pole dancing. 

How nice that you want to try pole dancing! At The Poleground we would like to introduce you to this great sport. Have you never taken a pole dance class? Don't worry we have several pole dance classes for beginners. Do you already have experience? Let us know below. We will contact you after your request and together we will determine which lesson suits you best.


What do you need to know if you have a trial lessonwill follow?

Taking a single lesson costs €10.99. If you become a member after following the trial lesson, you do not have to pay a registration fee.

In addition  it is important that you match your clothes to the pole dance class. Preferably you wear shorts  & close-fitting top. 

Do not use body lotion or other greasy cream on the body on the day and the day before class or workshop. These creams make the pile greasy and you cannot linger.

Take off all your jewelry before class! Wearing rings or bracelets can damage the posts or hurt yourself. It is also wise to take off your earrings during class so that you cannot get caught on anything.

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Request a trial lesson

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