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Paaldansstudio The Poleground Groningen

The Poleground

The Pole Dance Studio of Groningen

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Welcome to The Poleground. The Poleground is the nicest and most complete pole dance studio in Groningen. We have a wide range of sporty pole sports workshops & fun pole dance courses. Do you want to develop further in dance? Then we also have enough dance workshops and lessons for you. 

Pole dancing is all about fun.

Even though the sport is called pole DANCING, you don't have to dance. Pole dancing is a playful sport with many different styles and possibilities. It's about doing what you like. It's all about having fun and having fun.

Pole conditioning is a complete workout

Pole dancing makes you stronger, more flexible, more agile and you develop more control over your body. 

pole dancing is a form of fitness

Yes, for pole dancing you need to be strong and agile. But you will become strong and agile when you practice. By regularly taking a pole dance class, you are guaranteed to become stronger and more flexible. While having fun you work on your body at the same time

More than just a pole dance class

You will not only become fitter and healthier, you will also develop a lot of self-confidence.  The clear progress will keep you motivated and you want to take on new challenges. After half a year of pole dancing you not only have a stronger body. You also have a very different self-image.

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Pole dancing course for beginners

Paaldansen voor beginners in Groningen
Pole dancing is a new form of fitness

Pole dancing is a great form of strength training. The sport combines  pure strength with flexibility and endurance. Therefore,  pPole dancing is often referred to as pole fitness. This name emphasizes that pole dancing is about developing strength, condition and flexibility. In a lesson you will be challenged on all fronts!

But that doesn't mean it's fitness for extremely fit young women. Pole dancing is an effective and fun way to get fit. It doesn't matter how much sport experience you have. Pole dancing can be done on many different levels. 

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